BEZA TIMES limited is a professional real estate company that deals in project management, property management, real estate consultancy and development. It is a registered company operating in Kenya with offices in Nanyukiand a strong base within Mount Kenya region. We are specialist in offering professional management property services in both residential and commercial. With many years of offering good services in the industry, the company is dedicated with competent work force and a large clientele base which includes small and large property investors; both in commercial and residential sector. Over the years we have built internal capacity in key real estate functions critical in ensuring delivery of professional services

Real Estate Services

Our Values

We strive to continuously innovate and be proactive in developing new products, services and systems in response to evolving operation environment.

The team adheres to beyond reproach professional and personal standards in conduct of our affairs.

At Beza times all system work as a team. This is to seamlessly provide customer’s tailored solutions

We render the highest quality of services based on best quality products and services.