Security Services

Guard Services

We strongly believe that we are an extended representative of our clients. Applying best practice strategies for successful management and transforming needs into tangible/ achievable objectives, Beza Security will assure client’s requirements are met in a professional and workmanship manner.

Trained, experienced and vigilant CCTV operators will operate CCTV systems to deliver to our clients a high monitored environment with immediate alerts and actions.

By using the latest wireless technology, our alarm security systems coupled with our 24/7 Control Room support ensure that help is never far away, especially in your hour of need. Our systems also enable each owner to keep an eye on their business and home from wherever they are.

Electric Fence is the first line of defense against any intrusion to you home. At Beza Security, we have specialized team whose main job is to ensure that you home remain secure all day every day.

new assignment new recruit and a fresh training.

What to expect from Beza security 

    • We will provide high quality, Affordable security solution by providing guard services
    • Respond immediately to changing needs of our clients where we will install intruder alarm systems.
    • Create and cultivate long term relationship with clients
    • improve our services continuously by installing CCTV cameras to our clients.
    • Achieve a complete customer satisfaction.
    • maintain professional relationship with our dedicated guards for better performance